Warrants issued by the Windcrest Municipal Court may be paid by mail, in person or at the Traffic Payment website. If mailed, payments may be by money order or a cashier’s check for the full amount, and need to be made out to the City of Windcrest.

Payment plans can not be granted for a warrant, payments must be paid in full, partial payments are not acceptable.


When mailing your payment, you must provide a plea of "Nolo Contendere" or of "Guilty".

For Example:
"I, (Print Your Name Here), do hereby waive my right to a Jury Trial and enter a Plea of (select one Nolo Contendere/Guilty)."

View the mailing address.


If you wish to plea not guilty, you must post a cash bond of $100 per offense in person to obtain a new court date.

Additional Information

For any questions about the issuance or execution of a warrant, click on their name to get contact information.