Fine Amounts

Speeding Violations

As of January 1, 2020 Fines have changed. Call the Municipal Court 210-655-0022, to inquire fine amount. 

Compliance Violations

If you received a citation for one of the following violations, it may be dismissed if you show proof that the violation was corrected within 20 working days:

 Expired Motor Vehicle Registration $20 Fee 
 Expired Driver’s License $20 Fee
 Fail to Report Change of Name / Address $20 Fee
Defective Equipment (head, tail lamp, etc.) $10 Fee
 Fail to Display Driver’s License $10 Fee

Other Violation Fine Amounts

OffenseFine Amount Plus Court Cost
Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility175 plus 81 equals $256
Fail to Display Driver’s License39 plus 81 equals $120
Expired Driver’s License39 plus 81 equals $120
Violate Driver’s License Restriction "_"51 plus 81 equals $132
Fail to Report Change of Address to DPS49 plus 81 equals $130
No Motorcycle Driver’s License Endorsement51 plus 81 equals $132
No Driver’s License100 plus 81 equals $181
Permit Unlicensed Person to Operate Motor Vehicle75 plus 81 equals $156
Display Expired / Unclean License Plates29 plus 81 equals $110
Motor Vehicle without License plate / with one License plate39 plus 81 equals $120
Operate Unregistered Motor Vehicle49 plus 81 equals $130
No / Wrong License Plates49 plus 81 equals $130
Operate Motorcycle w / o Approved Headgear75 plus 81 equals $156
Muffler Violation32 plus 134 equals $166
Unsafe Speed / Fail to Control Speed101 plus 134 equals $235
Change Lanes Improperly / Unsafe Lane Change51 plus 134 equals $185
Fail to drive in single lane50 plus 134 equals $184
Drove Wrong Side of Street76 plus 134 equals $210
Fail to signal turn50 plus 134 equals $184
Improper Turn46 plus 134 equals $180
Passing in No Passing Zone / Crossed double yellow line76 plus 134 equals $210
Improper Passing71 plus 134 equals $205
Cut through Private Property / Driveway / Parking Lot37 plus 134 equals $171
Drove upon Sidewalk45 plus 134 equals $179
Follow Too Closely51 plus 134 equals $185
Disregard Stop Sign / Disregard Red Light51 plus 134 equals $185
Fail to Stop and Render Aid101 plus 134 equals $235
Fail to Yield Right of Way (ROW) to Emergency Vehicle126 plus 134 equals $260
Fail to have Child (Under 8) in Child Restraint Safety System25 plus 134 equals $159
No seat belt: driver55 plus 134 equals $189
No seat belt: passenger50 plus 134 equals $184
Fail to Dim Lights47 plus 134 equals $181
Drove with No Headlights when required60 plus 134 equals $194
Defective Headlights / Break Lights / Tail Lights31 plus 134 equals $165
Defective Brakes31 plus 134 equals $165
TCSA, Possession of Drugs Paraphernalia500 plus 81 equals $581
Ran Stop Sign51 plus 134 equals $185
Ran Red Light51 plus 134 equals $185

*Driver’s License suspension-for a second conviction of Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility.

Penal Code Violations

CodeFine Plus Court Costs
P.C.28.03, Criminal Mischief500 plus 81 equals $581
P.C.42.01, Disorderly Conduct251 plus 81 equals $332

City Code Violations

All City Code Violations require a court appearance where the Judge will set the fine amount.

 All fines and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the of court. For more information about fines, or if the violation is not listed in the tables above contact the Deputy Court Clerk.