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WPD CP Vehicle 2

In the autumn of 1976 several Windcrest homeowners formed a Citizens Security Awareness Patrol. Its purpose was, and still is, to assist our police force by patrolling the city. 

It is from this initial effort that the present day Windcrest Citizens' Patrol developed. Under the direction of the Police Department, Citizens' Patrol's mission is to be the eyes and ears for the Police Department, Fire Department and EMS. For the 30 years the patrol has been active, many hours have been volunteered by concerned citizens.

The main mission of the patrol is "to be seen" and to report via a supplied cell phone when help from police, fire or EMS is needed within the city. The patrol does not get directly involved.

The City of Windcrest Police Department provides specially marked Windcrest Citizens' Patrol vehicles. One's own vehicle can also be used; magnetic signs are available.

The patrol is composed of four teams, each headed by a Team Captain. Each team is assigned specific days of the month to patrol.

Windcrest Citizen Patrol Team 1


Jill Vogel

(210) 334-8083


Windcrest Citizen Patrol Team 2


Nello & Laly Rosania


Windcrest Citizen Patrol Team 3


Mike Magallanez



Windcrest Citizen Patrol Team 4


Elvie Ortiz


Patrols are normally scheduled Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon shifts. Evening and weekend shifts are available for those whose schedules demand other times. Some members patrol monthly, others bi-monthly or even less frequently. Patrols normally last a minimum of two hours.

The City of Windcrest is an oasis in an area that is rapidly growing. We have excellent police, fire and EMS forces within the city. If you are interested in being a part of the Windcrest Police Department Citizens' Patrol in helping to maintain the security and safety of our city please fill out an application and return it to the Windcrest Police Department.

Help make a difference in your community.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself!

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