Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN)

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Windcrest Residents Encouraged to Register for the Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN) System

In an effort to improve communication during emergency situations, the City of Windcrest Office of Emergency Management is encouraging residents to register for the Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN) system. REAN is a mass emergency notification service which allows Windcrest public safety personnel to contact you in the event of an emergency. REAN is analogous to SA Alert in San Antonio and Bexar County and by subscribing to the REAN system; you are placing your contact information into a Regional Emergency Notification system that encompasses the Bexar County area. The REAN system is a supplemental system and not a replace mentfor existing public safety warning and information systems such as television and radio. No one can fully guarantee that you will receive a notification every time due to the unforeseen circumstances of large-scale emergencies that are either natural or unnaturally occurring within this community. Please keep yourself informed during emergencies by monitoring local radio and television stations.

Traditional systems similar to this were previously limited strictly to land-line phones. BexarCounty has improved the system and now registers multiple means of communication so that mobile contact information is included in the 911database.  Windcrest citizens must beregistered in the REAN system to receive emergency notifications.  During the registration process users areable to register to receive emergency notifications via phone call, textmessaging, and/or email, based on addresses that they specify (home, work,school, parent's house, etc.). Emergency alerts will be disseminated during theduration of an emergency and will cease to broadcast when public safetyofficials deem the imminent threat has passed or activation settingsexpire.  The City of Windcrest Office ofEmergency Management encourages residents to also stay informed duringemergencies by monitoring local radio and television stations.  Other means of communication that Windcrestpublic safety officials may use during an emergency also include:

·      Notifications made door-to-door or by public broadcast equipment with information or instruction.
·      The City’s website provides information to the media and the public during emergency situations. This information can be accessed from a computer or electronic devices. The City of Windcrest also encourages residents to stay up to date by following the City of Windcrest Facebook page.

Registration for REAN is available at:

Phone calls from the Regional Emergency Alert Network may display “210-408-8302” and “EMERGENCY” on landline devices equipped with Caller ID. Cell phones, by default, will not display “EMERGENCY” with the incoming telephone number. Please save210-408-8302 in your cell phone contacts as “EMERGENCY” to assist in quickly identifying the incoming call as a Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN)message.  Additionally, SMS (text messages) are sent via the identifying codes 89361 and 87844. By adding eachcode into contacts as "Emergency", texts are easily identified andassociated with an emergency activation. Use of this system allows Windcrestpublic safety officials the ability to send mass notifications to registeredusers through both land-lines and a variety of electronic devices during anatural or other emergency in the area. The information you provide during theREAN registration process is protected and for emergency notification purposesonly and will not be shared with any other entity. Once registered, a confirmation will be sent to registrants and they must respond using the link to activate the service.  If you needassistance with the registration process, please call the Windcrest PoliceDepartment Office of the Chief at 210.655.0022, extension 2610.